Office Policy

Your Appointment:

Your appointment is time set aside for you to see the Doctor. We have a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy: if you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours prior to its scheduled time, you will be billed one-half the visit fee. A message may be left on our answering machine at any time to cancel your appointment. The earlier you can inform us of a change in your plans, the more efficient use we can make of our time. We also respect your time and make every effort to be punctual for your appointment.


Some of our patients are allergic to environmental pollutants such as perfumes and hair sprays; we would appreciate it if you refrain from wearing these to the office.

Fees & Payment:

Regardless of insurance, we require payment for services at the time they are provided. We supply a standard itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance company in case you qualify for reimbursement. We do not participate with any insurance companies and we have opted out of Medicare. This means that our bill may not be submitted to Medicare. We do not participate with medicaid and, by law, we cannot see Medicaid patients even if they wish to pay out of pocket.

If your check is returned from the bank, we will add a $30.00 “returned check” fee to your account.


Must be supervised and remain in the waiting area only.

We understand that you have come here to seek specialized treatment and we will endeavor to assist you in a speedy recovery, but of course we cannot guarantee any specific result.