Treatment of Infants and Children

The process of birth may result in structural changes that may or may not be observed by pediatricians. A skilled practitioner of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field may gently help to resolve Torticollis, shoulder and collar bone distortions, or other obvious structural abnormalities. Subtle strains on the head and neck may predispose a baby to feeding difficulties, ear infections, or neurodevelopmental issues. This gentle form of treatment can play a significant role in reducing these discomforts.

The first day is the most important day of life. The first year is the most important year and the first five years are considered to be the formative years. Whatever occurs during this period will have an effect on the rest of that individual’s life. Problems may arise during pregnancy, at birth, or due to trauma or inflammatory diseases of childhood. With all of life before him/her, those first hours, days or years may decide whether life for that child and those touched by it will be a joy or a burden. Osteopaths are trained to recognize the significant but subtle effects of birth trauma that may predispose the child to chronic or recurrent illnesses or developmental delay.