At your first visit, Dr. Pelkey will take a full history covering birth history, illnesses, accidents, disabilities, lifestyle, diet, exercise and environmental factors. After conducting a complete physical and structural exam, she will then have you lie on the examination table for treatment. A typical treatment will involve the gentle and precise application of force to eliminate dysfunction in tissue motion, release compressed bones and joints, restore normal tone to muscles, promote movement of bodily fluids and undo the shock of imprinted trauma. Each treatment is unique according to the findings in that day’s evaluation and the treatment goal is to improve tissue motion, increase vascular and lymphatic circulation and balance the autonomic nervous system. Prescriptions for medications and/or diagnostic tests may be given and recommendations for diet, exercise, counseling and surgery may be given when indicated. Patients often experience a sense of deep relaxation, tingling, fluid flows and relief of pain. Emotional releases may occur as well. These changes may be experienced immediately as they occur or later after the treatment.